Glenn Delahoy – Casterton Spring (2022)


This collection is mainly things I dreamt up while noodling on the guitar so it’s generally acoustic guitar focused though not necessarily what you might traditionally think of when you think of acoustic guitar.




1. Awakening (3:45)
2. Blue Cars (1:42)
3. Casterton Spring (3:05)
4. Wildwood Meditation (2:05)
5. Cherry Pink (2:07)
6. It’s Fine For You (6:50)
7. Two Minutes To Midnight (5:57)
8. The Escalator (5:10)
9. Cavern Of Souls (9:08)

Maton EM225C 6 string acoustic guitar.
Yamaha RBX460 4 string electric bass.
Yamaha PSR-260 keyboard.
Swamp s18 mixer.
Shure SM57, SM58 microphones.
Behringer Multicom Pro-XL compressor.
Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor overdrive.
Behringer Ultra-DI, Ultra Chorus.
Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop.
Audacity digital recorder software.
Remixed with PreSonus Studio One software.